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Plan to leave the “rich” from the free bus

plan to leave the “rich” from the free bus The plans are to ban the affluent residents and tourists take advantage of visa-free travel on bus Minister announced Chadchart Suttipunt. Not all commuters can enjoy free bus rides in the future Minister of Transport … Read more about br Comment: Future Transportation wearing M2M approval in the transport sector early in machine to machine communication very good reason . Fleet management and tracking of vehicles or high-value asset was the main application of M2M in the past year. Read more about

Democrats will present a “better” plan transportation

Democrats to introduce a “better” plan transportation The opposition party tomorrow submit an alternative plan for the country’s transport infrastructure system, that it would be “more problems than the state government said the deputy leader of the party .. . Read more about br Celebrating Community Transport trip hits in Rother and Hastings Community transport providers across the region will visit eight cities in East Sussex next week, including Battle, Bexhill and Hastings, to encourage people to use the services, or to volunteer to help run them. Volunteers Community … Read more about This entry was posted in Air Transport and tagged , , , , , on by .